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          Memory Of Our Good Friend



Brice will always be missed.  Feel free to visit my aol homepage at which has been dedicated to him.    Brice's friend, Oneil P

          Non-Fiction concerning Brice


Brice and I were connected, in some way, that neither of us could put a definition to/define or name, but in a very real way that we both recognized.
This connection developed over the months after I first met Brice in November 2000.  We quite often knew what we were respectively thinking instantaneously and concurrently.  I left Florida in early May 2001 after the two of us attended the Air-Sea Show.
I only occasionally heard from him during the summer of 2001.  Then in early fall, one morning, I picked up the phone and there he was - all rattled and seriously concerned and worried about my safety and well-being.  He told me why by describing his visions of that morning.  He SAW fire and destruction, people jumping out of windows; he HEARD screaming, yelling, moaning....and he thought of me.
It was 9/11 at 10:30 AM, that he called, and I live 40 miles from downtown Manhattan.
And that is how I know Brice and I were connected.
Steve Beers - Ft. Lauderdale

          Kansas Memories


A Message from Kansas
It has now been 4 days since I learned on June 2, 2004, from a mutual acquaintance while visiting in Key West, about the accident that has taken a very precious life from all of us.

I first met Adam when he was a senior in high school in Independence, Kansas.  He immediately came off as a smart, caring and kind type of person.  Someone that you could feel comfortable with and easily talk about anything with.  Since I lived over 2 hours away, online chatting was the most of our getting to know each other after our initial face-to-face meeting until he moved into the Kansas City area for school. There was a point for a short period of time he moved in with me in an effort to have me help him motivate himself to make it to classes as he should, which much of the time I must say was a chore all in itself.

I can recall all the time he spent on his computer chatting with friends and playing around on his web cam while chatting.  He was always happy at his computer and talking to his friends all hours of the day and night.

I can remember the day like it was yesterday that he was turning the corner to pull into my office parking lot, cutting the corner too short, and dragging the right rear door of his car along the front of a fire hydrant, cutting the car door open like a huge can opener had been taken to it.  He was so upset that he was in tears and how it all happened was so weird, one could not help but laugh.  Which just made Adam that more upset and the whole thing that much funnier.  Eventually calm took over and the humor was also seen by Adam as well.

After Adam moved to Florida we still stayed in touch.  It was so nice to see him come online and he be the first to send a message wanting to chat and know how things were and what had been going on “back home”.  It seemed like when he came back to visit we just were not able to get together.  It was in February 2004 that I was taking a cruise and would be returning and spending Sunday night in Miami.  We chatted and talked several times on the phone about the possibility of seeing each other that night.  When the time came and we finally talked on the phone it was already late and complications on both of our parts was just going to make it impossible to see each other.  It was something I thought was likely to happen but all the same I was still happy to be able to talk with him again.  Now, not being able to see him that night, is one of the things that is bothering me the most as I write this.  My missed opportunity to spend some time with a great friend and person.

Even though you might not have been able to see it on his face, or hear it in his voice, you could always feel that Adam was wearing a smile in his heart.  A feeling and a smile that will be etched in my heart forever.  May you rest in peace, my dear friend, as you have been taken from our world much too early in life but you have also left us all with the warmth that you shared in your heart.  I pray that our paths will cross once again.  Adam, I will miss you everyday and love you forever.

My deepest sympathy to all of Adam’s family and other friends.  May Adam's memory live within us for our lifetimes to come.

John Grimes (Paola, KS)



Did you know Brice?


That was the question my friend asked me on the phone, and I instantly knew that something terribly bad had happened.  And in that instant, in my mind, my only answer was no.  I didn't know Brice.  I knew of a boy named Adam who was a friend of my roommates, and who used to live with friends of his, and who I met one time, very briefly, at a party almost four years ago.  But part of me felt like I did know him.  I know a big part of me wanted to know him.  Every time his name (or, names I guess I should say) came up in conversation I always said how I just wanted to have dinner with him sometime.  To be able to sit down and talk to him; hear what he had to say; get to know him.  Because he seemed like an interesting person to me.  And, although it sounds so superficial now, I thought he was very attractive.  I don't know why that embarrasses me to say that now, since I said it so frequently before.  But I did. 


I think what I actually knew best about Brice was that he was friends with Alan.  I had met Alan only twice in the past four years, and one of those times was at that same party.  So, even though I didn't know Alan that well, I thought I should go to the memorial service to just be there for him.  And I am glad that I went.  Because I learned a lot more about who Brice was just by being there.  I learned that he has great parents and a family who loved him very much.  If I hadn't gone, I wouldn't have known that.  I learned what a truly good person Alan is, and strong, to have been able to shoulder such great responsibilities as he did that week.  And if I hadn't gone, I wouldn't have known that.  Alan remembered what I had said the last time we had talked about Brice, that I thought he was just a truly beautiful person.  And, in going, I know for certain now that he was.      





He climbed cathedral mountains, he saw silver clouds below
He saw everything--as far as you can see

And they say that he got crazy once, and he tried to touch the sun
We lost a friend, but kept his memory.



 I met Adam when I was stationed up at Ft. Leavenworth Kansas. I met him at camp Gaia and became close friends with him and his friend Dave. After I left the army I ended up moving to Missouri, and became even closer.

After a month of unemployment, I ended up having to move back to Florida. After Dave decided to wait on heading down there with me, Adam ended up going. We enjoyed a nice lil road trip from KC, through Independance to visit his family. I remember he told his family that he was helping me move to Oklahoma so that he could get to Florida first. He said his mom would never let him go that far. We went down through Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and finally to Florida.

I remember one of the first places I took him was to Las Olas. He told me that his 3 life goals were complete. He got to come to Florida, he got to go to the beach, and he got to see that palm trees were real.
He lived with me for about a month and a half until he met his first boyfriend and moved to Ft. Lauderdale. I know that west palm was a lil too stuffy for a boy like Adam. I kept in contact with him over the years, and even spoke to him shortly before he died.
He asked me if I still had his porcelain dog statue that he brought with him on the trip. That his grandmother had given it to him. I told him of course and that my mom still had it at her house ( I was living in North Carolina at the time) and he said he was going to pick it up. He said I should go down one time and we could hang out again, and that one day me him and Dave should all meet up again, that we always had the most fun and got into the most trouble.
I just found out today through Dave about what happened... 4 months to the date of his leaving us. I miss him so much it feel like a part of my heart is gone for good. I can hear him heckling me about it, and at the same time trying to make me feel better about it all.
I wish I could have gotten to see him one more time at least. But I guess that is what everyone wishes.
I feel that I had to share that, since I loved him like the boyfriend that neither of us wanted, and the little brother all of us loved. I wish I could have been there more, but he was strong enough for the both of us. Adam... I miss you more in the last few hours than I have in the last couple of years... I know you're surfing the web, wherever you are and that you will see this.
I love you tons, and will always keep your dog safe from harm.

          Brice's Mix


In memory of Adam I produced this a vocal mix entitled the Adam "Brice" Sprague Mix.  Visit to listen to this mix.
I hope it brings you fond memories of Adam!

Artist                                  Title (Remix Artist)

Alphaworld                    Brave New World featuring Charlotte Church

Dee Roberts                 I Believe (Original Extended)

RMB                             Deep Down Below

Deborah Cox                Something Happened On The Way To Heaven (Valentin Remix)

Whitney Houston           I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Flip and Fill Remix)

Oceanlab                      Clear Blue Water (Ferry Corsten Remix)

Love Inc                       You're A Superstar

DJ Sammy                    Unbreakable

DJ Sammy                    Sunchild

Deborah Cox                Easy As Life (Tony Moran Remix) from Elton John's musical AIDA          

Aurora                          The Day It Rained Forever (Lasgo Remix)

Aurora                          Ordinary World (Above and Beyond)

DJ Sammy                    Heaven (Candlelight Remix)

Please let me know what you think of this mix.  Drop me an email or use
the feedback form on my website at
because your input is very much appreciated.

Joel Clipperton
Des Moines, Iowa



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